Monday, 4 April 2011

Health and Safety

Did this a while ago, but dont want to print it. So i put it here. =)
I did the quiz... only 2 times to get 100%.. Im a health and safety master!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Jack Teagle

An illustrator working on mostly editorial and narrative illustration. Worked on comics, t-shirts and posters during his university days and still continues to work on these things for clients such as Nobrow and working on live briefs and competitions for Anorak magazine and The Guardian.

He is inspired by Japanese things and badly drawn comics, and loves to collect toys and ‘Lucha Libre’ ephemera. He is also inspired by artists and illustrators like Gary Baseman and Ryan Heshka, drawing upon their painterly and comic styles.

He has a very bold and cartoony style, that looks almost childlike but his experience is shown is shown through the story telling details and the strong character building. Its clear that his style is heavily influenced by all the things he is interested in, and it makes the illustrations much more vibrant and imaginative. 

He experimented with screenprinting throughout university and did a lot of self published books and sketch booking to develop his style and begin to get a name for himself.  He then began to play with toys and editing them, which influenced his work further and also kept a blog that helped him to keep in touch with other people and students.

He then began to work on a painted style and this continues till now and works alongside his digital work. He got interested in narrative painting and developed characters inspired from his travels. He finished uni and grabbed any work he could before signing on to job seekers allowance to aid his work.

After a while he began to get a lot of work and offers for clients like Nobrow and got his places at a specialist gallery exhibition at Nobrow of his work. He also had a few other gallery offers and some poster work for other clients from his agent ‘D&AD’. He worked alongside other artists on a collaborative comic called ‘Spera’ and worked on a comic for Nobrow.
He took every opportunity that was going and did alot of work for a wide range of people, particularly aiming to grab high profile clients to increase his exposure and now considers to be on the right path and things are going well.

He advised to keep copyrights on illustrations to help keep them safe and provide extra income by selling off the rights. He also said to keep blogging and doing any work you can to get yourself noticed. ‘Keep your fingers in as many pies as you can’, meaning to go for it, and work your way up in the illustration world by doing everything and being everywhere.

Overall It was good to meet a working illustrator and listen to the trails and tribulations of an upcoming artist. There was some really good advice and things to think about. Ill defiantly take on board the idea of doing any competitions or live briefs to get myself noticed and help develop the way I work.