Sunday, 26 February 2012

Self promo print

One of my ideas for Self promo print-
its like a fold up book/business card

Covers and inside panel

Inside panels showing off a few of my book illustrations

Bio/statement on the inside panel

Friday, 24 February 2012

Website progress...

Its coming along.. slowly...

After many changes..

I feel im getting much more of an identity now, clean backgrounds and colourful and cute
illustrations. I think this kind of theme should be how my self promo things look...

I like clean things..

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Jeremiah's Journey update

I had a meeting with Joanna from Jeremiah's Journey two weeks ago, and since then have created some more designs for Jeremiah ready to show her when requested. I think I need to develop it a little more at the moment and maybe come up with a new double page spread because I feel my digital skills have developed allot recently and I think it would be good to show off what I cant achieve.

Friday, 27 January 2012

My alphabet book on Utales!

Utales is a fantastic site and app that lets illustrators easily make ebooks to be viewed on ipads etc as well as browsers. I put my 'Klyde's animal alphabet' book on there a while ago and completely forgot about it, however I got an email yesterday saying that a few changes need to be make and then the book can get published on the site.
I had a look at the feedback given (from the editing team on the site) and I changed the font size and made a few other tweaks as what was suggested. Responding on the feedback has made the book look so much better, more professional and ultimately more fun to read!
After the changes the book was published on the site and is now ready to buy and download!!!
And a good thing about Utales, is that a portion of the profits make go to a great charity 'Pencils of Promise' which helps build schools in lesser developed countries! What could be better? Great children's books and a helping hand to those in need!

Here's a link to my book. A preview of the first 8 pages is available to see the changes I've made.
Ebooks for kids - Klyde's Animal Alphabet - uTales

Some of the feedback was really confidence boosting!
Here's a taste...

"Hi Toby, I'm sorry but we decided to unpublish the book again. We received many complaints that the font was too small, and I also urge you to have another look at the feedback you recieved earlier for how the book can be improved.
Our main editor truly believes there is more potential for this one to be a big hit, so if you would consider making changes - that would be fantastic!
/Nils (founder)"
"I like the clean lines and consistency of the stylized illustrations, and the characters are engaging."
"Adorable illustrations and very fun to will love this!"

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Revised National Trust Cider House poster

Final poster design based on things said at the critique last week. 
Oh my

It won! =D