Monday, 7 November 2011

Update on my Children's book

Recently my self published children's book Klyde's animal alphabet' has been circulating around my local area and is being sold in the local bakery/post office. My mum orchestrated the distribution of my book and has since send it off to distant relatives and anyone else who will be willing to view it personally.
My mum has also taken the book to the schools she teaches at and they have gone down very well in the early classes.
They have photocopied pages from the books to be used as worksheets for the younger children and read out the book numerous times.
Its all seems to be going well at the moment.

I also uploaded my book onto the site Utales, which is a service offering children's books to be easily accessed through iPads and devices like that. The site is free to upload and with that you can get extremely valuable feedback from the Utales people and also the users. I got some really great feedback with I will take on-board to make the book even better.
UTales works as an app that is free to download but to read the books you either have to purchase a subscription or buy the book in its Utales format. A portion of the sales go straight to me, and a small portion also goes to charity, which is great!

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